East Grove

Custom Hand Wound Pickups Crafted with Pride in the USA

Pickups available at Eastgrove Pickups

Eastgrove Legacy (custom shop) series pickups:

All Legacy series pickups come with gray bottom bobbins and the choice of the

following options.

Petros pickups--these have alnico 5 magnets on the wound strings with alnico 2

magnets on the bare strings. This helps to bring out the low frequencies to make it

more of a solid (rock) pickup. This reduces the “twang” and is good for rock, solid

blues, ska and any music that you want to feel substance instead of sounding like a

tele. Great combination with a Humbucker or alnico 5 bridge. Available stagger or


Staggered pickups available in alnico 2, 5 or combination (Petros).

Level pickups available in alnico 2,3,5 or 2,5 Petros or 3,5 combinations.

All pickups available for neck/bridge or middle position.

Recommended sets (my personal choices)

For SSS guitars. Petros neck, alnico two middle and alnico 5 bridge.

For HSS recommended Petros neck and middle with nice quality high output Humbucker

in bridge.

Non-custom pickups:

These high quality pickups are made with the same quality parts as the Legacy

series, but the choices are more limited. The bobbins are standard black. Built

with Alnico 5 magnets with a choice of traditional staggered or level. These are

available in light (6 kohm) to strong (8+kohm) resistance.

All pickups, custom and non-custom are personally hand wound with a hand powered

winder by me, Pete. All pickups are potted with 20% beeswax/paraffin mix.